Monday, June 25, 2007


Why do so many so-called Patriots lose?

I believe that Larken and others lost their case because they missed first base. When you hit a homerun and while rounding the bases you miss a base and the pitcher throws the ball to the player covering that base and as soon as they tag the base regardless of whether you hit the ball out of the park or not ….you are out!

You go to jail!

I went to jail for something I was not charged with…. Whiting out the jurat (perjury) clause. I was found ‘not guilty’ for willful failure to file, while three others co-conspirators were found guilty during the same trial! I must have done something right! Read the book, April 15th – The Fear Factor! Also read the rest of my Blog!

Happy 4th of July!

Bob Graham Sr.

p.s. My web site got another 1,000 hits, Thanks!