Saturday, May 22, 2004

Thanks for inviting me to Chicago!

It has been many years since my last public appearance; I believe it has been 21 years.

I would like to introduce my wife, who is my friend and she really doesn’t want to be here, and she is only here because she loves me most of the time. We have been married for 54 years. We have 7 children and 17 grandchildren and I still marvel how this magnificent woman managed to raise this family. I believe my wife was the inspiration for the song…..“Stand by your man” and she is still standing by her man and she really doesn’t want to be here!

It has been reported…Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld authorized the expansion of a “secret” program that encouraged physical coercion and sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners? Is this an out of control government?

When you first saw the American female ‘guard’ laughing and pointing with glee at a naked Iraqi prisoner what was your reaction? You had to be shocked.

How about if that was a picture of your daughter…you would have been humiliated….. How about if it had been your husband that was naked? Or your Grandfather?

When I saw the American female guard in Iraq pointing her finger at a naked prisoner…my mind flashbacked to my first day in federal prison in Danbury,Conn, in 1983 – that’s 21 years ago….….it was unbelievable….I was ordered to strip …including my underwear and I was made to stand in front of two female guards who took turns remarking about my nervous ‘hard on’.it’s not funny, I was scared…I was frightened….I could not believe what was happening to me! It was the most humiliating two hours of my life. Not until a male ‘guard’ gave me a sheet did these ‘sick females’ stop their taunting. I kept thinking, “is this any way to treat a grandfather”.

I could not believe that this abuse was happening in an American prison by American ‘guards’ but it was and that was in 1983……over 21 years ago.

As we have witnessed…it is still going on today. It’s time, it’s time!

In fact, one of my grown children remarked to me that, she never got past page 15 in my book, because she could not imagine anyone especially a female guard…that would abuse any male prisoner while they were naked; she though I was exaggerating…..
Until that picture of the female guard appeared on the TV, she didn’t quite believe what I had written in my book. It was hard for me to believe, but the story had to be documented just in case it happened again!

It’s hard, until you see it with your own eyes to believe that one person could be so cruel to another unless you see it.

It’s just like I didn’t want to believe that a Catholic priest would molest a child…but they did! And until they are punished…they are not going to stop. Until these prison guards are punished they are not going to stop……It’s time! It’s time!

And then I asked myself, for what…..why were they abusing me so. What did I do that was so horrendous that would warrant this type of punishment? The answer is I whitted out the Perjury clause on the bottom of the income tax form….by whiting out the perjury clause on the income tax form…I subjected the criminals paycheck to being stopped, that’s the judges, the prosecutors, the IRS agents and the accountants…they would have to go find ‘an honest job’.

And for the above so-called “crime”…. I was sentenced to 5 and 5 …that’s 5years and an additional 5 years….I did 31 months without an overnight furlough. Murderers get an overnight furlough after being down over 1 year.

While I was standing naked in front of these two ‘sick female prison guards’…outside in the entrance-waiting room, a ‘guard’ posing as a substitute warden was telling my wife………a story!

I took a year to finally take to get me a pair of shoes…a year and it was my wife who supplied the shoes

I wore rubber bath slippers the whole time.

Did my pants ever fit? NO! On page 384 there is a picture…there is no denying a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture appeared in my local paper. My neighbors and my family did not know what to believe. They still find it hard to believe…the atrocities by government employees. That was over 21 years ago.
Did my shirt ever fit? NO! That was over 20 years ago and it is till going on…isn’t it time….to stop the fraud and ….isn’t it time to stop the abuse and the reason for the abuse, the fraud. Isn’t it time, it’s time!

I was in a level 3 ‘joint’, I mean prison….It was not a camp….A prison camp is a ‘rat farm’.

I was behind the wall. Being in this prison is a world……unto its own, run for/by the inmates. They tell the warden that they are following his orders.

A female warden who contacted me after reading April 15th – The Fear Factor, told me, this book was the most honest description of ‘behind the wall’ she has ever read and that included ‘oz’ and the ‘shawshank redemption’ movies?

My book was written to help you and to document the federal government’s atrocities.

Anyone who has not filed their tax forms and/or paid the IRS must read my book, so they will not be totally amazed by what might happen to them,……. if they do not prepare.
Isn’t it time you read my book or listen to the tape of my book?

This video tape which we are taping today can and should be used in your defense in a court room in front of your jury as a ‘reliance document’ along with my book and Larken Rose’s tapes – Theft by Deception. This information, plus the government book A Citizen’s guide to the Constitution, where it states…..”A citizen has the Right to take the 5th Amendment on their income tax form” is a must for your jury. Present each and every piece of 'reliance documents' seperately, get the judge to deny each piece. Make sure you have at least 100 pieces of evidence and after each of the judge's denials, politely say in a "hurt" manner..."you are denying me justice and you know it. I can't get a fair trial; and this jury is witnessings... you doing it".

The gov’t stopped printing this book…I wonder WHY!

You must be ready for the judge who will prevent you from entering any reliance information from the sight of your jurors, like they did in the Simkanin trial.

I believe this next part is extremely important. My judge stated in open court to my jury “since we adjourned yesterday, I have had an opportunity to review the law at greater length, and I guess a mistake might be bad enough, but it would be worse not to admit it, so I am therefore rescinding that order and reinstating the Citizens Guide into evidence……It was strictly a ruling of the Court that was done, the Court now believes, in error. And therefore, I attempted to rectify the error and it will be and is now in evidence”. (This judicial statement is on Page 118).

This admission of ‘error by the judge’ had a tremendous effect on my

jury’s ‘not guilty verdict’.
The above is not from memory but is taken from

the court transcripts of my trial!

Everyone must read from the transcript……what caused the judge to make this admission. There were over 150 people mostly trial lawyers packing the courtroom waiting for me to be put in jail because of what I did to the judge the day before. I guess they were disappointed. This took place in 1983, over 21 years ago.

Now you can understand why I was so angry at Bob Schulz and Dick Simkanin when they refused to read my book….there were a couple of other incidents that might have also helped to tame down Simkanin’ s judge, …..But they did not know, they never read the book. So Dick got 7 years.

I’m still angry with Bob Schulz for this major error on his part. He had my book over 1 ½ years before the trial. I pleaded with Bob Schulz. He did not even answer my e-mails.

I bet he still hasn’t read it. Ask him about it. No way should Simkanin have received 29 guilty verdicts when he had the answers in his hand, and all he had to do was give me a call to help him, I did offer. I offered Lynne Johnston my help before her verdict, you read my Blog, she said no also. I wish I had had a book like …April 15th – The Fear Factor…I know I would not have gone to jail, But I don’t know of another book like The Fear Factor. Simkanin got more guilty verdicts than his lawyers 'objections'. They were really poor.

Most judges are honest, decent and try to be fair….. EXCEPT for income tax case…that’s when they immediately are transformed into dirt balls, scum bags and people who will punch the (sh)…..bejebbers out of their mothers and they will shoot their dogs before you have a chance of justice and a chance of being found ‘not guilty’.

Remember their paycheck is at stake and they will prevent you from getting any of your reliance documents and evidence in front of the jury and that’s not all…review my book for more abuse and more dirty tricks……And they will use them ……like not giving you exculpatory evidence which proves your innocent, until after your trial.

How about finding out after your trial that your court-appointed attorney is the law partner of the prosecutor, WOW! It’s all in the book! As an American don’t you think this is a wonderful system or do you think it has to be changed?

When you get indicted….the gov’t has just declared War on you…and you better not go to a gun fight with just a knife!

Unless YOU,……. not any lawyer – because the lawyers have a license to protect and that license is more important than you freedom. You must read in the book what happened to my pro-bono attorneys right after the trial and why I hade to take them to the airport immediately!

Unless YOU tell your jury what is in your heart and why you did what you are doing…..The two or three governments plants on your jury are going to persuade the rest on the jury to find you ‘guilty’ on a couple of counts, so they can go home or some other feeble excuse. The plants are being paid.

(Unless you give your jury ammunition to fight off the government plants – sort-of like ‘weed killer’).

Tell your jury that they will know the ‘gov’t plants’…… plants will be the one’s who find for the government in almost ever incident and they will take turns defending the gov’t position…it is so subtle and deceiving, so believable…..…you will have a hard time catching their act…they are that good, but they are getting paid to find you ‘guilty’!

You must do this in your opening statement…. the judge will scream, BUT it’s your jail time, …..’and now’… you have the judge just where you want him, ranting and raving! He will be foaming at the mouth! Remember, Kilroy’s statement, “the louder they squeal….the better you’ll feel!”Call me for more ideas to get your judge and prosecutors to lose their cool and show the jury their real self.

It’s amazing what people will do for money! Now you know how the German government got so many Jews into the ovens…..the guards were getting paid!

You (on the jury) MUST only vote for ‘not guilty’. I don’t care what the prosecutor says or wants, the same way with the judge, your judge will tell your jury that HE will tell the jury what is the law….this is a lie…he will tell the jury HIS OPINION of the law. If you don’t object when he makes this statement, and he will make it a couple of times before, during and after the trial, you will lose! You must 'object' each and every time.

IF you don’t open your mouth and defend yourself… will! Ask Dick Simkanin.

Jurors, if the law doesn’t seem right to you, it’s probably not…
….…you the jurors are in a most powerful position in the world to change the law. Use your power…help Americans to stop the government ‘not guilty’…it’s your RIGHT… is your duty! It’s time, it’s time!

If the government does not answer the 6 questions ……you must find for the defendant…”NOT GUILTY”. The defendant did not write the law…the government did and they must answer the 6 questions or else they have proven - the law if a fraud….Ask yourself this question…if you put 10 accountants in ten separate rooms…with the same tax information....and all ten accountants come out with different answers....(1) does that prove the accountants can't count? (2) does that prove the accountants don't know the law or (3) does that prove the accountants are in a conspiracy with the IRS and they should have a 'Civil Rico' filed against them in Court. Doesn’t that prove the law is a fraud and why don't people hold the accountants accountable, they are getting paid? It’s time, it’s time!

One ‘guilty’ verdict gives the judge the ‘Right’ to send someone to the Prison of the judge’s or the prosecutors’ choice…… And that some one is You!

My prosecutor had my destination changed from a FCI (Federal correctional Institution) camp, which is the lowest ranking institution, not even a level 1… a Level 3, behind the wall..…with permission …….for me to be put on the bus.

On the bus you (the prisoner) will see the USA from sea to shinning sea, if you have to go to the bathroom on the bus..… do so in your seat and then sit in it. You are given a box lunch every day. And some days, I have documentation some Prisoners are even killed by a ‘hack’, and nothing happens to the ‘hack’. Doesn’t that make you feel good as an American? You’re paying for it. Of course you can ask Congressman George Hansen how he enjoyed the 'bus'?

The last incident I am aware of is a black man who was screaming because his chains were too tight and the American ‘hack’ duck taped his mouth to stop his screaming instead of just loosening his chains one link.

He stopped his screaming and ……he also stopped breathing. This process worked, he stopped his screaming….he died.

It is the most inhuman form of punishment there is and I was threatened with the bus ride so much so….that I petitioned the Court and my wife went to federal Court and represented me to stop this mental abuse. And We Won! It’s time, it’s time!

It is time to put PLAN “B” to work!

We have petitioned them in the Congress and we have petitioned them in the Senate, to no avail…this is all documented....They have not answered....The media thinks we are impotent….are we? It time. It’s time!

We must get everyone in the ‘We the People’ organization to…..stop talking and start acting! The time is NOW! The place is your home town!

The ‘grand jury’ is the citizens ‘grand jury’, it does not belong to the government.

The government prosecutor would like everyone to believe that he could indict a ‘ham sandwich’ and he often times convinces the 23 people that is the way it is…..but NO MORE!

Through out the United States in groups of at least 2 or more…. Citizens MUST…go to the ‘grand jury room’ in the federal buildings and knock on their meeting room doors and tell them we have evidence of a CRIME!

You MUST take along a couple of ‘live reporters’ – some are not. If they don’t report the truth….storm the newspaper office and demand the truth…not the reporters opinion of the truth!

This crime has been committed by the United States federal government against the citizens of the United States. Hold up the Petition for Redress of Grievance; Hold up the book. April 15th – The Fear Factor; Hold up the tape – Theft by deception; hold up the “Pink Pill disk” on the website; Hold up the Citizens Guide to the Constitution. Sit with them and view the evidence together! This is enough evidence and if they want witnesses…that’s great….bring them in! It’s time. It’s time!


Most Americans don’t realize that the United States Prosecutor can only represent the federal government; they can not represent a US citizen and in the ‘grand jury room’ the foreman can request the prosecutor to leave the room, and he must go!

It’s time, it’s time! There are many books on Prosecutorial misconduct.

If there was a ‘rabid dog’ running loose.....common sense dictates that someone has to put the dog down.

Well! Just read the Dick Simkanin case and…you tell me is this a ‘rabid judge’?

If you don’t want to put him down, at least ‘put him away’! Of course…..give him a trial first…with Dick Simkanin as his judge.

It's time to go banging on doors and take the media with you!

Don’t vote for any incumbent, they are the one’s who will not listen …and they are the ones who support the fraud of the IRS! Let make sure we don’t give them a pension. They’ll be lucky we don’t put them in jail!

And most of all let’s get rid of the ‘Secret Stamp’ in all government offices
..….We know governments can’t be trusted…so let’s open the doors and let the stink out.

Remember the present Congress voted for the "Morons Act". Let's rename it from the Pat... Act to either the Moron's Act or the Idiot's Act.

Are you with me? Let me hear it….ARE YOU WITH ME?

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Let’s do a little bit of singing….Oh, when the Saints come marching in, Oh when the Saints come marching in…I want to be in that number…when the Saints come marching in! Maybe you prefer the "Ding dong the Witches dead", either one is fine. they will get the message.

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