Saturday, April 12, 2003

Fred Smart Says Bob Graham Wants To Blog

This from the Fred Smart blog today...

Talk with Mike Bodine & Bob Graham

Bob Graham and I spoke with Mike about the need for a WTP-related information resource we could all go to which publishes any/all appearances on radio/tv/video/film of individuals in the freedom movement.

Bob is now averaging 1-2 radio interview shows per day. He was on WOR AM in New York City yesterday which is a massive 50,000 watt station. Bob is on fire, but he's frustrated that few others are aware of what he/we could all be doing better if we coordinated and shared the energy more.

Doug Bob committed to starting a blog. Can you create a site and send the links to his associate:

Bob Mader over at....

Copy Bob Graham at...

Thanks good buddy!.


- Frederick, 4:17 PM