Friday, January 04, 2008


Do you believe in censorship? Well ABC (202-746-0237) and Fox (212-852-7070) certainly do and you must call them and e-mail them until they change their mind. They have no right to censorship! They have censored Ron Paul for their debate in New Hampshire, do they have your permission to do so? Let them know!

I spoke with TV anchorpersons from C.Span on Iowa election night. They would not allow me to represent Ron Paul for a two-minute endorsement!

I can fully understand their view as they did not know me from ‘Adam’ and did not know if I had permission to do this.

I spent about one hour asking them questions about the “Federal Reserve and the IRS” after each admission that they were un-aware of the shortfalls of each. I told them that they were hurting the American people with their lack of knowledge on these subjects and should enlighten themselves to what they don’t know about each subject.

They did admit that their lack of knowledge would hurt the American people, and if Ron Paul did explain – “What would happen if the Federal Reserve and the IRS were abolished immediately”. They stated the American people ‘are afraid of this happening because they can not visualize something different, but yet everyone is shouting, “change”.

Change to what – I asked them and they could not explain. This type of nebulous answer is what the professional politicians want!

When I asked the TV people, “if the people who you support win, are they going to abolish the Federal Reserve”?

They did not know and I asked them if they would question them about the Federal Reserve and what they know!

I finally got an agreement that their answer would be important!

I believe everyone reading this Blog, today must call the TV stations and newspapers covering the elections and question their reporters as to the function of the Federal Reserve. And if the Federal Reserve were abolished, how would it affect the citizens of the United States, and would that be positive or negative. If their answer is improper, or a non-answer, you must get annoyed up to the point of anger!

See if you can contact Ron Paul and get him to explain in his usually clear message to relieve the fear of the American people, “What would happen in the United States if the Federal Reserve was abolished?” And also explain where the income tax money goes?

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Call in and be a radio star.