Saturday, April 14, 2007


Larken Roses radio Show!

As soon as I heard Larken Roses voice on the radio, for some strange reason I fell asleep! That upset me. It was 10:30 in the morning, it was his tone of voice!

I am reading his book, "How to be a successful Tyrant! The back cover tells me that Larken "catapulted above the rest of his neighbors". Words like psychopathological condition, grandiose actions and delusional fantasies of omnipotence inform me why Larken was found ‘guilty’ of an income tax charge. The IRS did not beat Larken, his ego did! He is hopelessly enslaved in his own ego, and he believes he is free!

The masterful work of ‘861’ disk and "theft by deception" tape, which were never allowed by his judge and Larken’s still insistence of being ‘civil’ to these terrorist, boggles my mind!

I believe that Larken is a megalomaniac! His writings lead me to believe that he thinks he is better than the ‘rest of us’. He refuses to understand that, he set the tax movement back 25 years. That probably why he is writing the ‘drivel’ he is now sending out to his list of subscribers.

It has taken me about a month to read ninety-nine (99) pages of his book.
I believe he has captured the way to be a ‘successful tyrant’, and I am hoping that he reaches a conclusion as to why these people want to be tyrants!

I skipped to the end of the book to see what his suggested solutions might be, but there were none. Guilty as charged!