Wednesday, January 14, 2004

29 to 2 is the worst defeat I ever heard of….if you had no attorney would it have been 31 to 0?

Letter to Arch Mc Coll from Bob Schulz!

On January 9, 2004, Bob Schulz sent a letter to Arch Mc Coll, it was so flowerily, and it smelled like the government wrote it. Bob Schulz this ‘legal team’ lost 29 to 2.

Bob Schulz two items stand out in your letter, (1. the letter proves your incompetence and belligerence…..” You state the members of the jury knew the right questions to ask”. If you had read my book, Chapter 28, the jury of my peers…..AND if Dick Simkanin had read this chapter he might not have been found ‘guilty’. Through out my book, I write, if the jurors realize that if it is not in the IRS Code…it is not a crime! He must vote “NOT GUILTY”, unless that juror is a government plant!

Your great ‘legal team’ should have given this jury this message at least 10 times, sure the judge would be upset, but if you calmly told the judge – Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury…The judge is upset because his paycheck is involved in a ‘guilty’ verdict. It would have been a hung jury. There had to be at least 3 plants and I'll talk about this in a later article.

If this ‘legal team’ in their opening did not tell the jury ……SHOW ME, then they should find the defendant “NOT GUILTY” on all counts and only the government plants will vote for ‘guilty’ that’s how you will recognize the government “PLANTS”. In Simkanin 1st trial there was one plant and the final score was 11 to 1. Someone close to Dick or a member of his ‘legal team’ should have contacted these American jurors and found out what went on in the Jury room and what did the plant have to say as to why he was for guilty?

The paragraph on the ‘legal teams’ suggestion…to train lawyers is ludicrous, how do you train someone to have courage and b…s, especially a lawyer who hides behind his ticket to practice at the bar, and lives in fear of losing this ticket. Lawyers for the most part are more afraid of losing their ticket ‘to practice’ than they are of losing their Constitutional Rights.

You must defend yourself – PRO SE!

Bob Schulz, until you call me to work together I must think because of your actions you are working with the government. It seems to me, You, Bob Schulz, Larken Rose and the ‘dream team of legal experts did more to help put Dick Simkanin in jail than the judge and prosecutor, but then Dick Simkanin….you should have read my book…April 15th – The Fear Factor.

Larken rose has written a questionnaire with SIX questions, it is on my website this questionnaire must be sent to at least 3 persons employed by the IRS especially the agent bringing the court case. You then can subpoena these parties to be witness at your trial. Mr. Rose also has made a video tape - Theft by Deception, which every one should be very conversant with. Then you can subpoena Larken Rose to be a witness for the defense concerning his tape. You should also be very familiar with my book, especially the times (6-12) that I state the judge is interested in his pay check that’s why he is so upset. Once I am sure that you know my book, I WILL BE A WITNESS FOR YOU.

Bob Schulz get the WTP Foundation to pay for the transcripts of both trials and (2.
Never testify unless it is your trial!

Remember, I did this court action in 1983, that's over 20 years ago!!! WOW!!!