Friday, February 04, 2005

Guest Opinion by Robert B. Graham Sr. 215-355-5660

Your editorial of February 2, 2005….Frightening trend, is definitely….frightening, and I am surprised that you did realize who is responsible for this revolting development……the teachers.

You state, “Clearly those students have no clue strong>when it comes to understanding the importance of the First Amendment (R)ight and how the freedoms of expression granted therein form the foundation on which many of our liberties as Americans are built.”

You further state, “Too many young people don’t appreciate the first Amendment and their other (R) ights because they haven’t been taught to appreciate them.

Who ever wrote this editorial must be new to the editorial board for this is the first time in a long while I felt your board has ‘gotten it right’. Please use a capital R when using Constitutional Rights, it is important.

I have written to your board suggesting that the American media is handling the IRS abuse of power the same way the German media handled the Nazi abuse of power.

I based this upon the fact that no reporter has written anything on the ‘’ disk, which clearly explains the ‘fraud’ of the U.S. income tax. No one has reported on the attack by the IRS upon a Montgomery county citizen by the IRS. This is a terrorist tactic and must by stopped. When this story is told every one, including students will be horrified, for this person was only exercising his First Amendment RIGHT!

For once you learn the truth, you can not unlearn it….you must then deal with it!

Why has the Courier not reported on the web site? and reported on the book, April 15 – The Fear Factor? Are they afraid? This is the land of the free and the home of the brave, or is it?

The reason the German media did not report on the Nazi abuse of power is because they were afraid the same thing would happen to them. Is the American media afraid that the IRS will do the same thing to them that they do to other Americans? Can you tell me the difference between the terrorist Nazi’s and the terrorist IRS?

Isn’t it about time that we Americans stop being afraid of our government employees? And let’s get the ‘greedy’ teachers teaching about citizen RIGHTS! When one third of a group of 112,000 students fail, that’s 37,333. The taxpayers should hot be paying salaries of over $100,000 per nine months for this kind of results. Should we ask for a 1/3 refund of their salaries or should we fire 1/3 of them?

Keep up the enlightening editorials!

Robert B. Graham Sr. 1-215-355-5660 -