Friday, October 28, 2005


Irwin Schiff was found Guilty!

This is the worst cut of all for me!

I respected Irwin Schiff
and he respected me. I never heard him speak a nasty word about another patriot, and if you told me he did…..unless I heard Irwin say he did….I would not believe you.

Irwin never read my book; he should have, because…..I am firmly convinced there is only one way to win in court. You must befriend the jury!

At the beginning of the trial, you must put a pair of your shoes on the table…where all can see. Don’t say a word about it, until your closing! Just every once in a while…go over to them pick them up show them to the jury….and put them down….never saying anything about what you just did!

By the way, Irwin proved you don’t need an attorney…with a ticket that can be punched by the judge any time he wants to! Irwin Schiff is brilliant…he taught me a lot!

He did get the same results, as if he would have had an attorney, and he is better in court than any attorney I know in an Income tax case! He is too intelligent for any jury and this is the reason most jurors find for the government. The plants use his brilliance against him. Unfortunately, I could not attend this trial, but I did attend one of them…..I learned a lot, what to do and what not to do!

I think if you come off smarter than the jury….they resent you!

As I outlined in my book, in your opening to the jury……tell the Jury that there are at least two government plants on the jury that are getting paid $500 per day to find you guilty, with a $1,000 bonus if the verdict is unanimous.

Tell your jurors that these plants will be very subtle…they will say things like ….”If I have to pay, so should they!” …..”Everybody has to pay their fair share!”……”What will the country do with out money, stop welfare, and stop paying the police”? These plants don’t really care about any of the above statements that they make….they are only interested in getting the BONUS!

This is what the IRS is counting on….The IRS counts on you not thinking this problem thru……If Schiff wins…every one wins, if Tessa Rose wins….every one wins, if Arthur Farnsworth wins every one wins, but when they are found guilty….everyone loses.

The big thing that’s wrong in the tax movement is everyone wants to be able to say “I did it right”! Read Larken’s statement to Bob Graham on Graham’s Blog. As you read it you will see….he had no chance of winning, and the IRS knew it!

When you don’t even get one ‘not guilty’ you did a piss-poor job of presenting your case.

Yes, I have spoken to A. F. but the Roses have not contacted me. What a shame! She proudly states….she has hired an attorney and she is requesting you to pay for it! These people have not learned one thing from their experience with the federal system! They still refuse to read my book! They don’t know what is in this book, but they know if I am right in what I write…then they have fumbled the ball. What a shame! They are in denial!

What do you call someone who will not investigate?


Bob Graham Sr.