Friday, July 30, 2004

To Bob Schulz,

Fact I am looking at an e-mail from W.T.P. organization which states, “We sent C-Span a press release Friday morning, the 16th of July. That afternoon they called us to tell us they would be broadcasting the Monday morning event live.” It looks like your fact is not correct but false.  So it wasn’t morning it was afternoon. You, or someone in your organization still made a horrendous Blunder….You had over 48 hours to notify your entire mailing list at least 5 times with this great news…….and more importantly, what you expected them to do with this wonderful opportunity.

You reminded me of G. bush in the classroom in the Fahrenheit 911 movie!

Fact: There was a way out for you to get the word out over the weekend, and point 2, you should have flown in 3 hours.  This was the Biggest media break in the history of the tax movement, and YOU BLEW IT! 

If you don’t admit it, you will do it again!

Fact: you told me to “Butt out” in South Dakota when I offered to help you, and now you try to act like I should have helped you.  This is a coward's way of covering up their mistakes. Why don’t you stand up like a man and stop trying to blame others for your glaring errors?

This fight should not be between you and me. But at this point, I don’t know how to get thru to you. I offered my help which could be substantial since I’ve been there and done that over 20 years ago. I never wanted to lead your organization, but I have expertise in area that you have shown to be lacking, but you refused to accept it!

Right now, if you were to take this opportunity to make peace, not war, with me. I believe that the rewards for this movement would be outstanding. You have done so many good things you can be proud of, but you just can’t do them all. I have just sent out over 1,700 – ‘ 861 evidence disks’ to all the T.V. media and about 1,300 disks to daily newspapers. I purchased a list of every media in the U.S., MEDIA IS MY STRENGTH!

I don’t know if this opportunity can come about. You have a real tough time accepting criticism and you work so hard for it.

By the way….The Lord is the only one you should be asking for mercy. I usually dismiss people with an uncontrollable ego, because no one is perfect, not you, or me.

If you are willing to work with me….I believe I can criticize more gently.

Bob Graham Sr.

p.s. Don’t take too long, I don’t have much time left!


The following is a e-mail from Bob Schulz.



Fact: Our press release was delivered to 376 major media outlets in DC.

Fact: Our press release was entered into the AP Daybook in DC. ALL in media read the AP Daybook every day.

Fact: Our press release was sent to a half dozen "alternative" media outlets such as WorldNetDaily , American Free Press and Tax Notes

Fact: I personally dealt with the folks at C-SPAN. I sent them a press release Friday morning the 16th of July. Given the fact that we have struck out with them our last five attempts to get them to cover one of our events I didn't hold out much hope. However, at 4:30 pm Friday afternoon they called to say they would be there Monday morning.
There was no way for us to get the word out over the weekend: It took me over 12 hours to drive to DC, our web master was not available, etc.

Fact: The July 19th event was broadcast live on national TV and was watched by many who had never heard of the Right to Petition or of the current challenge to the income tax.

Fact: The national audience saw a very large and supportive audience at National Press Club made up of people who look just like them and their neighbors, adding to the credibility of the message.

Fact: The following statement is false and you should not have spread it around. When talking about CSPAN you wrote, "We The People knew Friday morning...."

Fact: The July 19th event in DC was scheduled and has been publicized on our site and to our mailing list since the 10th of May. All the self-starters knew what to do.  You had over two months to help us make it more of the media event you say it could have been. We didn't hear from you until today.

Fact: Everybody has their detractors.

Bob, please have mercy on me, the Lord isn't finished with me yet.

Bob Schulz

Thursday, July 29, 2004




Do you think we are wining?

When ‘We The People’ were informed on Friday morning, the 16th of July, “That afternoon the (C-Span) called us to tell us they would be broadcasting the Monday morning event live”. This is taken from an e-mail sent out by WTP.

Why didn’t the brilliant leaders of this organization assign someone to e-mail every follower on their so-called 65,000 e-mail list with this very important information?

Why didn’t this, non-sent, e-mail contain a request to send this vital information to every one of their family, friends and legislatures, as to what was going to take place, where and at what time?

Can you imagine the outcry if 65,000 sent at least four e-mails, that’s 260,000 potential viewers, who just might send out to at least four more that 1,040,000. That’s One MILLION and 40 thousand Americans, which would have viewed this ‘great event’, participated in by over 500 Americans….this is an election year!

And, if it was announced that the show was to be re-run on Tuesday…the very next day, and had the 1,040,000 had contacted 4 more that’s 4 million…..What a Schulz-BLUNDER.
Many T.V. stations are in Boston at a convention…..might this C-Span video receive some ‘free publicity’? What a lost opportunity, but then you will have a chance to BUY the video from WTP.
Is it because Schulz is going to sell the videos to the ‘flock’ for $112.00;  is that the reason he did not promote the ‘great event’?

Sure I am disgusted with Bob Schulz, this is not the first time he has made a massive blunder, unfortunately it will be the last, see my former blogs.

The WTP’s lack of coordination and expertise is so outstanding; I really don’t know how they got as far as they did. No wonder the IRS has not indicted Bob Schulz yet,  he is a one man wrecking crew doing their job.

I swore to myself, that I was not going to ridicule Bob Schulz any more, but like Jay Leno can not stop ridiculing George Bush….the material is so obvious…it’s too good to not comment on. 

How many more – WAISTED OPORTUNITIES – can the tax honesty people survive?