Friday, April 08, 2005

My proposal to President Bush is simple…STOP THE IRS FRAUD!

Before you can come up with a reform of the tax code, you must stop the FRAUD! View the disk.

Over one million Americans have viewed this disk since December 2004.

Our only request of these one million Americans is that they tell at least one other American about this disk!

Right now, you are considered as being uninformed as to the IRS FRAUD, but after this heads-up you must be considered as co-conspirator, and subject to the same punishment as the originators.

After you view the disk, you will have learned the truth, once you learn the truth, you can not unlearn it…you must deal with it.

You are the perfect group to expose this crime to the world and to stop the crime and the criminals involved. Once you do this deed, Americans will have more confidence in your honesty and integrity and will suggest Constitutional ways of raising revenues. But first, the crime must stop! The IRS must be abolished the income tax as American know it must be abolished. Nothing will happen in the following year, the fed will just print the money needed, another crime! Remember this is your country also!


Robert B. Graham Sr.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Dear Larken,

Out of the thirty-one lines in your ‘for your eyes only’ tirade, nine were the kind of rubble that doesn’t win friend nor influences people. These lines were quite annoying, stupid and very offensive!

I call your attention to your third paragraph where you use the word ‘well-dressed’, isn’t this what I said you were not, at a “Bell trial” in Harrisburg where you were supposed to be a witness. I think I said you did not look like a creditable witness! You were acting and dressed like a clown.

I am so sick and tired of your put downs….you have very little room to talk about “so-called patriots”. What these people did took courage and love of country. I believe what you are doing takes “love of self”.

The only reason that I tell you this is so you to get it right. These ‘supporters’ are temporary at best….lose and you will find out real quick….just what I am saying and they will hate you for what you think of them and especially what you wrote about them!

When you use the expression, ‘To tell the truth’ means that sometime you do not tell the truth.

When you state that you don’t want ‘protestors’….What are you doing in court? Are you not protesting fraud?

You better stop fighting with the people who want you to win and fight with the people who want you to lose. For if you lose…they will be very happy and we will be very sad!

If you think this message is hard just keep writing stupid messages and you will find out what hard is! I have had it with your ego! I have invested to much time and effort, not in your cause but in OUR CAUSE!

Bob Graham Sr.