Sunday, December 18, 2005


To believe or not believe….that is the question!

Right after the Larken Rose trial, I received a strange phone call. The caller did not identify himself except to say he was a juror on a tax resisters trial!

He told me not to ask him questions. Then he proceeded to tell me “that he was receiving a $100 check from the government every day for jury duty. He had to report to the court house every morning in the jury pool. If selected his pay was doubled for $100 to $200 per day. The guilty verdict was mandatory with a $2,000 bonus”.

I told him, his tale was hard to believe. He then proceeded to say there were many in this government jury program, made up of ex-agents. They were given a book of questions and an opening guide for when they were in the deliberation room, such as how to act in the beginning and also right before the end. The vacation time and benefits were wonderful!

He stated that, he was to be very polite and quite nice to the person on trial, so that when he was going for the close…he could say…”I wanted to believe, but the plaintiff never told us why they did what they did. It seemed like they did not care how the government was going to pay their bills”. “We really have to be concerned with the answer to this question”.

You really did not know who the other members of your group were until they started to ask questions from our manual. In this trial there were at least three members of the ‘trial group’. They all agreed, “If I have to pay taxes so does everyone else”. And, “What would you do with the money if you did not pay taxes?”

When I ask him, why, are you telling me this information now…and he responded…”I read your Blog”. I am disgusted with the federal government and I really want out of this job, but I am afraid. I don’t think the government can afford to have a former employee telling America what they are doing! I am calling you so you quite possibly interview other jurors and see it you could put together a group of people who would testify. I don’t trust the courts, the prosecutor and the court media.

When I asked him if he would be willing to talk to an outside reported who I personally knew was honest….he hung up.

Now you have heard what I heard! Can you believe it? It makes sense to me for how else can the government get these 12-0 guilty verdicts.

I am publishing this incident because I confided in Fred Smart and he turned around and told Bob Schulz who phoned me, for the first time, in about 10 minutes, and in his usual belligerent tone and obnoxious manner demanded that mystery phone person’s name and address from me. They also talked to Rose Lear who also called me and tried hard to get this persons name and phone number. I can’t give something to somebody which I don’t have! I feel betrayed!

Now I can believe that Mr. Schulz is getting nervous, his turn in the barrel is coming up soon. After seeing L.R. go down and others, Schulz has been very outspoken and vocal and he has not read my book, like the rest of the ‘guilty’. These books are almost gone and there will be no reprint.

I would love to get the list of jurors from every guilty tax trial this year and write a book about their experience, but all the people who could get this information don’t see the merit of such a book! Wouldn’t you like to know what is going on behind closed ‘jury’ doors?

As an author, I believe these jurors would freely talk about their experience, six months after the fact. In the beginning they might not answer all my questions but after a couple of phone visits….the whole story will come out! Of course the government plants will have disappeared as they did with my trial!

Bob Graham Sr.