Saturday, December 06, 2003

Stopping the FRAUD this year!

When I read Larken Rose’s last notice to subscribers and I received Devvy Kidd’s reply to my request to rent a table at the Washington meeting…..I must share with you and then you in the tax movement can decide what to do, after all you are the one’s depending on these people. It is your JAIL TIME!

Larken has received over 10 e-mails from me concerning working with a Grand Jury and a copy of my book April 15th – The Fear Factor, in which I have a brief outline of Grand Juries and my actions before them. My e-mails did offer considerable help and insight, Larken never replied.

When I first realized Larkin was sending “something from me” to the Grand Jury “investigating me”. This is a big mistake, as I pointed out to Larken, he must say he is presenting evidence and be willing to testify to that evidence or the Forman of the Grand Jury will politely take the materials and ask the Prosecutor, ‘what should we do with this material’? What do you think the prosecutor will do and say?

Larken has used the word ME, I, and MYSELF ten times in two paragraphs.

He then goes on to invite ‘polite witnesses’ to have some fun and go with him. He states, “I don’t plan on testifying to the grand jury that day” (which wouldn’t be open to the public anyway). So don’t expect a great show”.

The Grand Jury is not interested in a ‘great show’, but in testified evidence backed up by proof, and Larken has the proof. I am still willing to help him prepare for this Grand Jury appearance. All he has to do is accept my help as I have “been there and done that.”

In chatting with Fred Smart this morning, I suggested we make a concerted effort to petition all the Grand Juries in the United States to listen to our evidence and accept our testimony and indict the right parties….the prosecutor and the judges for prosecuting a non-law and fraud. We, as Americans, must explain to Grand Juries all over America..…That they, the Grand Juries are the last wall between runaway government and the American people.

Please e-mail Larken Rose and find out why he has refused my help, my help is free! Perhaps I should offer my expertise and services for some wildly exorbitant fees to Larken Rose and Bob Schulz to at least evoke a response to my offers.

Perhaps too, Larken Rose and Bob Schulz are remiss in that they appear arrogant enough to go it alone….”no man is an island”.

Arrogance in and of itself is sufficient to turn off many intelligent and experienced people out there whose opinion and support may indeed be necessary to bring about change.

In this age of instant communications, I can not fathom the reluctance of Larken Rose and Bob Schulz to avail them selves of the assistance offered.

Now on to Bob Schulz, Devvy Kidd and the ‘We the People’ group; Devvy replies, “The available foyer space in the amphitheater is already dedicated to the authors who will be our speakers.” This might seem to be a ‘politically correct’ way of ignoring a ‘lighting-in-a-bottle’ speaker who also happens to be an author, who has served 31 months behind the wall, who is willing to help anyone in the tax honesty movement, even the people who are shutting him out.

If you want to hear Bob Graham, you will have to go up on the website www.feartheirs. Schulz (Mr. Excitement) is a boring speaker that does not arouse the passion needed to finish the job. The powers to be did not like General Patton, but in the end…PATTON WON!

Find out from this group….”Why are you shutting out Bob Graham…he was found NOT GUILTY on three counts of willful failure to file, and refused to sign an oath on the tax form. For this (crime) he served 31 months ‘behind the wall’ in a level three (3) prison and he has ‘fire in his belly’.

Why are you hiding him? What are you afraid of, winning?

Bob Schulz – Please answer me.


Bob Graham Sr.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Bob Graham Sr.
46 Lark Drive
Holland, Pa., 118966


Judge John H. McBryde
501 West Tenth Street
Room 401
Forth Worth, Texas, 76102
Phone 817-850-6650

Dear Judge McBryde,

Being one of the millions of Americans who waited and prayed for Mr. Simkanin’s release, to say I was extremely disappointed is to put it mildly. Your actions have put a stain on the Constitution, much the same as president Clinton did on Monica dress in the OVAL OFFICE.

Beware of men wearing dresses was an often used saying of my Grandfather and you have given new meaning to these words, as well as, what some people will do to protect their paychecks. You are a disgrace!I know your name will go down in history as one of the judges who deliberately destroyed the Constitution of the United States.

Your judgment in the Simkanin case is vile and I pray that you and your family receive the just punishment equivalent to such a repugnant decision. I have in my 72 years on this earth never wished ‘evil’ on anyone, but you go right there with Hitler and other power mad despots. May everyone of your ‘friends and acquaintances’ recognize you for what you are, and may your family curse your name.

May you rot in hell! I hope that I never invoke the wrath of any one to ‘curse’ me and my family as I do you. I wish all America seconds my plea. You are a traitor!


Bob Graham Sr.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Holland, Pa., 18966


Mr. Tony Ridder, Chairman and C.E.O.
Fort Worth Star - Telegram
400 West Seventh Street
Fort Worth, Texas, 76102 – 4793

Dear Sir,

In case you are not aware…There is a silent war going on between the u.s. government and the some of the American people!

Enclosed is a letter from me to j. John h. McBryde. Hope when you finish reading
You feel the same about his actions as I do.

We as individuals only have a short time on earth to enjoy the benefits the good lord blessed us with. We, also, only have a short time to do God’s work. Unfortunately, too many people don’t really care; they are just interested in me and mine, as long as my ox is not being gored.

Too many of us do not enjoy positions in life to change wrongs, as you do.

I would love to attend the trial of Mr. Simkanin in the courtroom of j, John McBryde but I am FEARFUL of this man and his abuse of his judicial privileges.

This tyrant judge even refused to provide the jury with a copy of the specific US statute that required Simkanin to withhold, and still the jury was “hung” in favor of acquittal. (11-1)

It seems that he and the prosecutor are more interested in their paychecks than they are in the Constitutional RIGHTS of a US citizen.


Robert B. Graham Sr.

p.s You can secure more information from “Renee Halay” or c/o 8044 Garden Drive, Garden Ridge, Texas, 78266 - or - We The People….www.Give ….PLEASE let me know what you and your newspaper did about OUR RIGHTS!