Saturday, November 27, 2004

Bucks County Courier Times
Attention: Pat Walker
Executive Editor
8400 Route 13
Levittown, Pa., 19057 e-mail

Dear Pat Walker,

I am writing to you because you are Guy Petroziello superior! I have written to you in the past and you have ignored me. You are allowing the Courier times to practice censorship and therefore when the collapse happens……you must take your rightful place in the hall of shame…..You knew and not only did nothing but prevented the saving of America by your silence….May you never be forgotten by your fellow man.

Some Americans tried to warn others by their actions, protesting government corruption, writing letters to the Editor, some even write books such as “Constitutional Chaos” by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano.

Congressman Ron Paul [R-TX] warned last week that Congress voted to raise the national debt ceiling to $8.8 TRILLION dollars because there was no more money to run the government. “As there is no money in the U.S. Treasury and since not one penny of income tax paid to the IRS funds a single function of the federal government, all expenditures must be borrowed from the privately owned federal reserve. He further stated, “Strictly speaking, it probably is not necessary for the federal government to tax anyone directly; it could simply print the money it needs. However, that would be too bold a stroke, for it would then be obvious to all what kind of counterfeiting operation that the government is running.

Government borrowing is not repaid by those who spend the money…it is repaid by you.
future generations and foreign debt. The federal government issues U.S. Treasury bonds to finance its deficit spending to foreign governments and foreign individuals. Asian central banks have propped up the U.S. spending habits forever, BUT now they are favoring Euro-denominated assets because they believe the American economy is headed for major trouble. The U. S. is the world’s greatest debtor.

An economist from the American Enterprise Institute, Desmond Lachman warns, “Now foreign central banks have considerable ability to refrain from buying further U.S.
Government paper. Lawrence Summers, former vice-president of development economics and chief economist of the World Bank and former vice president under Bill Clinton said, “A kind of global balance of financial terror.”

It obvious that your editorial staff does not accept, excuse me can’t stand, any criticism, but you work so hard for it. For example, a whole column for some person who ‘walks backwards’, is this the mentality of your readership? When right in your circulation area there are two people indicted wrongly for some ‘made up tax charge’ and you refuse to report the facts correctly, just like you did over 20 years age….nothing changed. You, by you censorship, are allowing the federal prosecutor to indict your fellow American who is exposing the fraud of the income tax and the IRS for one and all to see. I sent you an ‘861 disk’ and you refuse to report it.

Once you learn the truth, you can not unlearn it….You must deal with it.

The government can not “fix” the law. the main obstacle is they can’t just change a few words. Congress must pass a “public law” that explains the substance of the change. Imagine a law which comes right out and says the income on international trade is being expanded to cover the income of all Americans. In other words, to change it they would have to ADMIT that previously it did not tax our income.

Imagine if they did come out and ADMIT that most of us never owed the tax but then the new ‘law’ would tax us all. I doubt 100 million Americans would just ignore the fact that they had been defrauded in the past. And NOTHING can erase the historical evidence at this point. That why I wrote my book. It documents what a judge did to keep the fraud going. It also document what Guy Petroziello and your newspaper did to cover-up their biased reporting in 1983, and this letter put you, Pat, right there with him!

Can you imagine your readership reading on my Blog ….how you censored the truth!

The day the “public law” changes and President Bush is really considering it. One hundred Million Americans will not accept, “sorry, you did not owe that tax after all”. Think about what you and Guy are going to say to them, your readers. You can’t say…”We didn’t know”….You did have a responsibility. Your statement says, “Our mission is to provide news, information, and service to enable our communities to prosper”. You further write…WHAT’S YOUR OPINION…We invite your thoughts in the form of a letter or Guest opinion. Take the opportunity to provide readers with a different perspective. See the “how to Write guidelines above.”

It strange your mission and invite say nothing about CENCORSHIP, but that is exactly
what Guy is doing…you even censored my wife letter concerning T.O.


Bob Graham Sr.

1-215-355-5660 or