Saturday, August 25, 2007


Another e-mail from Larken Roses EGO!

Everyone should go up on my web site ( and view the Whitey Harrel’s testimony by Marcella Brooks.

Every jury, who has been impaneled to hear a ‘tax case’, must see this video. If the judge will not allow this “reliance evidence” to be introduced than the defendant must file a Motion to have the Judge to Recuse themselves because he/she in bias and prejudiced and the defendant can not get a fair trial.

Larken stop condemning every judge and prosecutor and attack the real enemy – YOUR EGO!

Your ego refused to listen before your trial and now you want people to believe the judge, prosecutor and jury harmed you! When in fact, your ‘ego’ refused to cooperate. Let it go!

Only people born in Shitforbrains, USA will do what you did in court!

I hope that Sherry Jackson has me testify at her trial after she reads my book. I was found “not guilty” of willful failure to file see April 15th – The Fear Factor. My trial took place in Philadelphia in 1983! Call Sherry and ask her, and e-mail Larken and tell him to stop the umgalla e-mails.

That’s over 24 years ago and they haven’t changed.

Robert B. Graham Sr.