Saturday, April 03, 2004

Can you imagine my surprise when I found this open letter from Kilroy on !

If you would like to respond, I am sure Kilroy and the rest of us would love to hear what you have to say! By the way, I still have not heard from Bob Schulz….. it is almost a month since I spoke with him.

He has my message to put on his website for all to read, in case you have not read my message on the We The People site, you can read it on my Blog. Let me know what you think of his non-actions! Do you think the IRS is after him or is it his engineering ego? Engineers always have a problem with salesmen.

Bob Graham Sr

Open Letter to America from KILROY!

You will never know how pleased I was to see stickers in different places in Atlantic City at several casinos. It was “End All I.R.S. Abuse! – Join the class-action lawsuit –! I saw people writing down the web site – Hurrah!

This is the year…..WE, yes WE must do more than make speeches. We must go to IRS audits en-masse with cameras and tape-recorders. We must place their photos on telephone poles in the area in which they live. Let their neighbors know what scum bags these people really are. They are not proud of what they do and who they work for, so let’s publicize this fact. Let the neighbors know that they are the ones violating our Constitutional Rights, maybe they will quit….Good people have quit the IRS as a matter of principle. I wonder if their wives and children know what they do. After twenty years employment with the IRS how would they ever know what principle meant anyway? They are terrorists!

Why not make a project out of Larken Rose’s ‘new disk’ by making sure every senior graduating from High School gets and enters a contest for the best essay on ‘861’. Give a prize of $100.00. You know what it will take to get the excitement started. Even the media will want to know…..”What’s going on”……tell them! Get them to listen to the tape ask them if they would like to be one of the judges. Can you picture every High School in the U.S. having a contest on the ‘861 tapes’? I think we will be training future jurors to vote “NOT GUILTY”! We might even be teaching their parents.

Forward a copy of every good letter to their Congressman requesting an answer from them; after all they are receiving a lot of our money to control our Constitutional rights.

I would like to see small groups forming that will take an active part in the retaking of our government. We know the two party system is what’s wrong with our government. We know the Libertarian ‘party’ is not functioning and they are in denial! I believe the Libertarian party is keeping the R’s and D’s in office…they are preventing any change…they are that boring! There are so bad….J.Leno does not make jokes about them!

Talking about denial….most people in the ‘tax honesty movement’ are in one way or another helping the IRS. They want to hear debates……”Which method is best”. Hey, stupid, this is where the IRS gets its ammo to kill people who do something….”We want them to justify their position” to us, when in fact, the only 12 people who need justification are their 12 jurors. Let’s stop beating each other up. The government can not handle all the “methods” good Americans have developed! It must be easier to attack each other than it is to get a new group started with five new minutemen.

One hundred and ten thousand IRS agents can not control 200 million American minutemen….unless we let them!

There is an excellent tape on the on the ‘federal reserve system! It is 1 hour and 13 minutes in length and it is GREAT! Make sure you forward this message to at least five other Americans.

If you don’t have any gold or silver coin (pre-1934) you’d better get some!

Gold supplies are plummeting while investor demand is soaring as much as 210% in a single month. Thousands of tons are needed by China, India and the gold dinar is a no-brainer! The foreigners want our jobs not our paper money, as soon as they get paper they exchange it for gold and silver.

Gold prices will need to jump to $560…just to hit the old inflation-adjusted 1974 levels! Gold must soar to $1,000 an ounce merely to restore the time-honored “suit standard”….for over 500 years, history shows a man could buy a fine suit of clothes – including a vest – with one ounce of gold. Today, a fine three piece suit costs more than $1,000…gold will need to at least jump to $1,000 per ounce, and to reach gold’s old inflation adjusted 1980 highs it must soar to $1,980 to $2,005.

The time to join the band is when it’s forming…not when it’s marching down the street!

Monday, March 29, 2004

A conversation with Lynne Meredith!

On Saturday March 27th I finally made contact with Lynne Meredith, she is a very pleasant person to talk with; in fact I would say she is charming!

I informed her of my surprise to her letter posted on 3/23/04 on the We The People site which she stated, “We have had GREAT success with the prosecution witnesses and with Joe’s (her attorneys) brilliance.” She added, “The judge has been very fair with us and has given us a tremendous amount of latitude to present our ‘good faith belief’.”

Lynne then requested, “I need witnesses”. I told her this request was the reason I was calling her. I also informed her that I could testify to anything which I had written in my book, April15th – The Fear Factor, but she would have to read the book first. My testimony would inform her jury about the ‘government plants’ that were on my jury and how to tell who was a ‘plant’ on a jury She denied that such was the case with her jury.

When I questioned her as to - Her importance as far as the income tax process was to the IRS, and just why did the government indict her in the first place? And just how far does she think the government would go to silence her and put her behind bars? She ended our conversation quickly, I requested that she not shoot the messenger, as I too had believed my jury would not find me guilty of anything, But they did!

Remember, if the government was your friend, they would have never indicted you in the first place! That’s not what friends do.

I wish Lynne every success! And if she needs me I will fly to her trial and testify. I believe she has yet to see the real Judge and Jury!