Tuesday, May 27, 2003

In my book, April 15th - The Fear Factor, I mention the answer to “the income tax deception” as is spelled out in John Ross’s book “Unintended Consequences.” Every seeker of justice in an unjust system wants to avoid ‘the obvious’. The enemy is not going to change. Since the beginning of time, in every ‘revolt’ there must be blood shed. It is usually the inocent citizens and not the government. Think about Iraq, Isreal - the government always get their way!

Larken Rose asks “what power do any of us have to stop them”? The answer is so simple - unity. There are 250 million of us and only 110,000 agents plus accountants. The people have just accepted the accountants ‘word’ as truth. Bob Schulz knows the power and each and every month his ranks grow. How long before ‘We the People Organization’ will be a house hold word, and the powers to be will be afraid and fearful.

The accountants have nothing to ‘fear’. They are protected, but I wonder if they are protected from the questions of ‘we who are powerless’? It has just been reported that a decaying deer carcass was found on the obnoxious school board president’s front doorstep. It was reported that he is demanding round-the-clock police protection. I believe it has started, what do you think?

I believe if, the ‘We the People group’ would follow General Patton’s advise – don’t die for your government – let the other son-of a bitch die for his! The SOB I am referring to is the accountants. After all, they are the ones who - fill out ‘their tax forms’ for you to confess to fraud. It’s about time that we all send the 6 questions to every Accountant in the United States and when they can’t or won’t answer – send them an “IRS’ armband. Don’t contact the IRS, just accountants and congressmen. Do you think they will get the message? You will have broken the code.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, go up on www.feartheirs.com and ‘understanding taxpayers Rights section and read the six questions!

Send your F.O.I.A. to your local federal prosecutor asking if you are a ‘target’ for this or any grand jury – isn’t it better to know rather than be surprised? See Chapter 16 - The Traps. By the way, the audio book version is really selling, how nice.

Larken asks ‘Why haven’t they prosecuted anyone for this?’ Then he states, ‘people hear horror stories about how some “patriot” defendant wasn’t allowed to explain his position and as a result was convicted. Larken’s answer is ‘WHY he was told to shut up’. Had Larken or anyone else inform this ‘patriot’ WHY before trial – the ‘patriot’ would not have been convicted. Had the ‘patriots’ in the United States knew he needed assistance (see chapter 7, A15th).

Was he breaking the law – are you breaking the law? DON’T BREAK THE LAW!

See if you can get ‘a pen’ with truth serum for accountants, Congressmen and Judges. Can you imagine one hundred thousand 'minuitemen' seeking one hundred thousand enemy of the 'minuitemen' holding a 'truth pen' every day?

Bob Graham Sr.