Thursday, May 08, 2003

Introduction to the federal Court! Special classes by ‘Minutemen’

Bob Schulz is out breaking his back to recruit people to stop their bosses from withholding money from their paychecks. He has set up a program to provide legal assistance for any member caught in the IRS trap in federal court.

This is wonderful and I believe all ‘minutemen’ should support Bob Shultz. I believe the best way is for me to coordinate a program of instruction through out the United States for ‘minutemen’, by ‘minutemen’ and to ‘minutemen’.

I will be making a video which will be distributed for educational purposes only, for each bi-weekly class of ‘minutemen’. You will receive this video by overnight mail or in a ‘brown truck’. If you are interested in this new ‘minutemen’ program please e – mail us at Can you just imagine if Bob Schulz – forwarded this email to his 45,000 subscribers? We might end the income tax and the IRS in 6 months.

This is a two-way street, we will help you with great information and some time we will need your help; I have to find out where criminal cases in District courts are hidden by the government. They are not being published; we can not find them in the Federal Supplement books at the law library where they are printed. Rose Lear confirmed to my associate that her husband’s case Opinion was identified to not be for distribution. I would like to get a transcript of the Lear trial, so we can all benefit from it. We also need to know where the next trial will be taking place and when. WE NEED INFORMATION!

The ‘minutemen’ program will be an aid to the We the People organization or any other organization which does not have a basic court understanding teaching program. We intend to teach such subject as “Habeas Corpus”. We have access to brilliant work produced by extremely brilliant people. Now you don’t have to uses it. It is not written for argument sake or to play ‘stump the stars’. So, if you want to fight, go fight with the government. We know fighting for ‘ego’ sake is non-productive. The people who participate in this kind of fighting should realize that they not only look stupid, they are stupid and we don’t want any part of it. You can have it all.

Please send us your e – mail address for further instructions.


Bob Graham Sr.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Letter From Bob Graham To Larken Rose

From: Robert B. Graham Sr.
To: Larken Rose
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 7:40 PM
Subject: Courage Doesn't Win in Chess.

Hi Larken!

Your criticism of Bob Schulz and his misguided 'hunger striker' is right
on point, but I implore you with all your brilliance to in plain English
"Tell these followers of Bob Schulz - "The proper wording concerning the real
issue that they should be asking, in your opinion."

In my opinion, it is a 'bad idea', to only critize this 'movement' without
correcting this problem. If those who understand the law will not help
correct the misguided group, I believe you must question these brilliant
people about their motives?

Knowledge and Intellect are not the only thing worth anything,
Experience is most important!

Telling the IRS how to answer Bob Schulz and his followers , in my
opinion, does not help. To aid by giving the enemy knowledge and intellect on how
to answer their questions if their question is not the right question, is
almost treason.

No matter how righteously you do it, or how well-intentioned your efforts
are, unless YOU help remove the present OBSTACLE to success, the We the
People as you state who have giving the wrong questions. The ENEMY will
not lose and you are wasting your time. For you are the problem and not the
WTP organization. These people are begging YOU to teach them what the LAW
actually says before they opine about it.

I am going to try to help them in this fight for I was tried for three
counts of 'willful failure to file' AND I WON! that's experience, and I
want to share this experience which I believe took knowledge and intellect
to accomplish, and that was in 1982, that's 20 years ago!

Please let me know if YOU will HELP. Call me at


Bob Graham Sr.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

This is a special message for all the We the People movement and any group of
people wanting freedom and redress of grievance or just plain want the
government to obey the Constitution of the United States.

The Internal Revenue Code and the IRS remind me of the movie; “Over the
Rainbow” there are so many scary parts with witches and flying monkeys. There
are many characters in the movie that resemble the taxpayers and the tax
collectors in the USA.

In the movies “Brave heart” and “The Patriot” a spoken line in both movies
stands out as the words to live by. When the Irishman asked William Wallace
where he was going when he was in front of the army, before “negations” had
started, he stated, “I’m going to pick a fight” – He knew what he had to do at
that time – to WIN; In June of 2002, Bob Schulz of the We the People congress
publicly declared he has forever stopped paying income taxes or filing tax
returns. Also, Larken Rose sent a letter to the federal government – PLEASE
PROSECUTE ME stating, “I have not filed a federal income tax return for 1997 or
any subsequent year. surely is my position is frivolous” and completely devoid
of merit, then the Department of Justice attorneys can easily refute my
position in front of a jury, and have me convicted and imprisoned. You, the
government, have had my defense tape called: Theft by Deception. So take your
best shot. It’s time for the government Fraud to end. Boy, those statements
are pretty plain, they are fighting words. I find very few weasel words in
these statements.

In the Movie “The Patriots” the scene in Congress Hall of Virginia, Col. Martin
said that he was more afraid of 3000 Americans in Congress living 10 miles
away, than he was of one British King living 3000 miles away, He knew the
British were going to be the easiest fight.

In the year 1983 Robert B. Graham Sr. was indicted for three counts of “willful
failure to file”, which is a felony, a violation of Sec. 1702. I was found “
NOT GUILTY”. I was found not guilty of the Sec.1702 charge. But I was found
guilty along with 3 other ‘so-called patriots’ of Conspiracy to defraud the
lawful functions of the IRS. Had the other indicted persons
taken the witness stand as I had, and told the jury what was in their hearts
and mind, everybody would have been found not guilty. But between the wives and
the court appointed lawyers who all insisted all along and that I was going to
be found Guilty, which did not happen, in fact I was found “NOT GUILTY”.
We were all found guilty of conspiracy. This action resulted in the final
split and total disappearance of the groups and the end of the Committee for
Constitutional Taxation.
Another reason the tax movement stopped moving in the Philadelphia area was the
disappearance and the betrayal of radio talk-show host – IRS Homer from the tax
protest movement, see chapter eight (8), and the loss of confidence in the
leader of the Committee for Constitutional Taxation – ME. Twenty years later
there is still no tax movement in the Philadelphia area.

One of the most enlightening passages is Chapter Sixteen (16) – After the
Sentencing …The Traps. This chapter talks to the …my testifying for another tax
patriot, who I did not realize had ‘jumped ship’ after he had gotten indicted
on a ‘willful failure to file’ charge.

I knew how to beat the IRS in court because of my experience by attending
Six other federal court cases in which the defendants all lost and the IRS and
the judges all won! This was 20 years ago, and nothing has changed.
Today, we don’t have any “patriots” attending ‘tax trials’ and this is a must.
But where will the money come from to attend trials? How about from the sale of
my book?

There are still no tax payer victories. The groups are still fighting with
each other, which is stupid and non-productive. You must read Chapter 7 of my
book April 15th –the Fear Factor. “Learning what is coming.”

One of the reasons, the split started, the ‘Bucks county’ group was charging a
$5.00 donation to get into the bi-monthly meetings and too many of the ‘so-
called’ patriots imagined that someone was getting wealthy, even though some
nights we did not collect enough to cover the room rent, and I had to take it
out of my own pocket. The committee held classes taught by a different willing
person every two weeks starting with the IRS pocket summons, and how to stop
service, how to request your freedom of information file. See chapter six (6) –
titled - The Constitutional Classes. These classes served many purposes,
setting these instructors up for witness duty at anyone trial, and to discuss
the Constitution see Chapter nine (9) – The Trial!

One of my main purposes of these meeting was the recruiting of new members and
the instruction for non-members for jury duty, parades and other harassment
things. You must be smart enough to be dumb enough to get on a jury for a
income tax case. The only way to victory is to work together. It is the only
way to win is for the entire team to function as a unit. We saw this graphical
displayed with “The Parade on April fools Day” – chapter 4. At one point the
Philadelphia Committee had over 300 members who we could count upon.

Unfortunately, 20 years later, the two enemies of the real American Patriots
still lives – greed and ego. When I tried to contact Bob Schulz, he did not
return my calls. Why Bob Schulz shouldn’t be held accountable for not returning
my calls.

When we did speak, he said he would read my book. It has been almost a year and
I still don’t know if he has read this book. I hope he realizes that he, and
all his followers, will need ammunition in federal court, when they are all
indicted. And guidance on how they can get this ‘reliance documents’
presented in court since the judge will deny all witnesses reliance documents,
see pages 116,117, 118 and 119 of Chapter Nine (9). Schulz has thrown down
the ‘fight gauntlet’ and the IRS can not back away from him or his followers.

Schulz’s people are crying out for leadership, ask Rose Lear. Her writings
scream abandonment, she doesn’t need pity or to be used. She needs to have a
job that gets her ‘pay back’. I want her to show other members how to
expand, how to recruit new members. How to not feel the way she and her
husband felt in court at trial, unknowledgeable, helpless and abused by all. If
I am wrong Rose, e-mail me back and tell me Bob Graham is wrong, I’ll shut up,
but if I’m right let’s tell the world including Bob Schulz and ask him for the
WTP e-mail list, with his blessing. Had she and her husband read my book, if
it were available I know she would have had a better chance of winning. I have
e-mailed Bob Schulz and a couple of his top members complaining about this
glaring weakness in their program, all I have received is e-mails condemning me
for pointing out the WTP shortfalls and the major inadequacies which I and
other’s saw, and were willing to help correct if possible. I was willing to
correct these errors in a spirit of cooperation, utilizing my book, which I
wrote to show ‘the yellow brick road’ and how to get back to Kansas.

If you don’t have a map or any directions – you’ll never know how to get to
your destination or even worse to find out where you are now!

To aid in the recruitment of new ‘tax honesty’ Americans, I am willing to
rebate to each and every Constitutional classes of five or more, (5) so they
can develop a separate ‘war chest’.

Every group, every operation needs money to function and grow, but it seems
that some want a free lunch and they want others to pay their costs. This book
cost me to write, print, edit and distribute and only a moron wants it free.
Bob Schulz needs money to run his operation. Irv Schiff needs money to run his
classes, so he sells his books and charges for meetings, it’s only fair! When
you hear someone say ‘He’s in it to ‘sell books’, you are either hearing from
an IRS agent or someone who doesn’t want the Code to be broken. It cost – no
two way about it. I found out something 20 years ago and things are still the
same today. Too many people got into the tax revolt movement for the wrong
reason, not to save their freedom but to save some of their money, and they
will whine if they have to pay anything. It’s easier to be a critic, than to
help fight to win, for there is no comfort in a crowd of cheap ‘sunshine
patriots’ or ‘egomaniacs’.

If you are reading this message and you have gotten to this point, realize that
one group of five – which each week adds five new members, who buy the book,
read and learn all the materials that will become available to each person. It’
s is important, that when you take the witness stand – you are able to honestly
use this book and materials as “reliance documents” which the jury MUST KNOW –
you relied upon and taught from! You will even give your jurors their personal
copy of the book – April 15th – the Fear Factor so they can read the ‘Closing
arguments in my trial’ Chapter 11, 12, and 13.

For each and every member who attended your classes can and will be an informed
witness on your behalf and against the IRS and the IRS code. Was this what
happened in the trial of Rose Lear husband, and if not, why not?
This one fact will be a tremendous OBSTACLE confronting the IRS in any federal
court procedure. See testimony of IRS witness, chapter 9 – The Trial, Their
government witness when he testified that he taught the Constitution in
classes, I think this was a tremendous aid to me and not the IRS and from the
witness stand.

Bob Schulz has a wonderful program, except it does not teach members to protect
themselves in case, these WTP attorneys are threatened with disbarment…that did
happen in my trial….and fear does make cowards of us all…..if we allow it and
are not prepared. You have a right to be wrong as you want to be as long as
you don’t hurt others!

Mr. Larken Rose created a video tape called ‘Theft by Deception’. In this
tape he has proven that the “LAW” under section 861 shows conclusively that the
income tax does not apply to the average citizen.

The IRS and the IRS code are just like the ‘Wizard of OZ’. It just like the
Wizard hiding behind the big door, with smoke and mirrors, signs hanging on the
front door - ‘go away’, ‘no questions answered here’, and ‘you are not welcome’
. Over 10,000 words in the IRS code and the IRS will not answer six (6)
questions listed in the website under Look under ‘
understanding tax payer rights and check out - “six questions”. What do they
have to hide?

When the “We the People Foundation of Robert Schulz marched on the ‘castle in
Washington’ demanding their Constitutional Rights of Redress of Grievance in
the year 2002. The ‘flying monkeys’ went into hiding and refused to appear in
public to answer any questions.

In the year 1980, over 20 years ago, Americans went to federal court to fight
this injustice. They failed! They failed because they did not stick together
and they let fear and ego interfere with victory.

Unless, You contact Bob Schulz and all the rest of his leadership and demand
that they send this plea for help, and e – mail to his e-mail list of 45,000
to ‘UNITE’ and they in turn send us an e – mail with there site name so we may
contact them to inform them of just how to start a “minuteman man/woman group”
in their area. I will find it useless to continue with the building of the “
freedom road”. I did build it in Philadelphia twenty year ago. The only thing
different is that I am 20 years older and a lot wiser.

Ask, Bob Schulz, why he has not cooperated with Bob Graham. Rose Lear needs
answers to her questions to Bob Schulz and he is not delivering, WHY NOT?

Bob Graham Sr.
Check out my website Let me know your sentiments. If you
don’t understand what I am saying, e-mail me for clarification. If you do
understand and want to help, please forward this request to everyone.